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R&M connectors international brand and product VR demo project

For the brand's product features, draw the simulation technology, virtual landscape to create 

a product and solution for virtual reality demonstration space,Since entered the 

demonstration hall, can immediately feel the advanced nature of the brand; The content of the rich, 

vivid and interactive way,More let participants leave deep impression to the company. 

Exhibits include medical product solutions areas, data center solution area,

With the new product application demonstration area, etc.

High-altitude operation safety education VR experience project.

Aiming at the skillful use of multi-level detail display technology, a virtual city is built on the basis of 

guaranteeing the quality and performance.The immersive feeling of virtual reality is fully applied, so that the experience of 

experiencing the fear of high altitude and the necessity of education of high-altitude operation can be realized.

The experiencer experienced falling objects on the ground floor, taking the elevator to the top and commanding the whole city. 

Safety belt protection operation,You can also walk in high air and experience falling buildings. 

Realize the perfect fusion of experience fun and safe education.

Data center solution VR demonstration project.

Using virtual reality modeling technology, the data center scene, distribution center, 

network management center, core equipment center,It is presented in a highly simulated 

way in front of the experient,from the specific equipment configuration, the battery, 

the power distribution cabinet, and the cold and hot channel.Physical display of precision air conditioning, 

network and storage, efficient server, etc. To product specification, function demonstration, logic.

The simulation demonstration of efficiency makes the data machine room which needs to be 

controlled by layers of control to enter into the data machine room, which is vivid with 

VR.Introduction to the participants, intuitive demonstration effect, 

greatly improved the transmission efficiency of the solution.

Electronic products VR demonstration center.

Using high definition and careful drawing of the foundation, the small mobile phone products, the display mode of the explosion diagram,

Clear the parts of the phone in front of the participants, and provide easy to operate interactive mode, which can be arbitrarily selected.

Interested parts, careful taste, careful observation, greatly enhance the participants' perception of product brands.

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